W11: Payments Technology Platforms + New Fintech

EMV, Contactless, Mobile Pay, Tokenization, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Implementations This workshop reviews current day payment technology platforms, creation, securitization and processing of payment transactions, the new technologies and channels becoming available for payments systems and project implementation for management systems. This includes EMV Chip and Contactless Technology ;  Fraud Management for Issuers and Read more

SPA-01: EMV 3 Day IMMERSION, A to Z of EMV +++ POST EMV Migration Issues

Course Description EMV Immersion is a 3 day workshop where students immerse themselves in the planning, implementation and payments strategies required to succeed in an EMV chip and pin payments ecosystem. This course  addresses both business ad technical needs. Most importantly, it addresses the post EMV challenges faced by business Read more

SPA-03: EMV 2-day for ISO, Merchants and Processors

This extensive two-day technical fundamentals workshop takes an in depth look at EMV, Contactless NFC and Mobile Payment technologies. This highly technical workshop has been designed for IT professionals, operations managers and systems development staff. This workshop covers standards as well as implementation strategies. You will learn the EMV transaction’s Read more

SPA-04: New Tech Payments 1 day: Tokenization, Blockchain, BitCoin +

Course Overview This course examines how to further secure transactions through use of tokenization technologies. It describes the various ways that transaction information is replaced by a token for added security.  The workshop also reviews the new Bitcoin crypto-currency and its underlying platform Blockchain. .  This workshop demystifies the worlds Read more

SPA-06: Front End Processing (FEP) 1 Day

One Day FEP Workshop Course Overview The course describes the front end processing, switching and communications protocols used for recognizing transactions, validating the EMV components and routing it to the appropriate network for delivery to the host processing systems. It also details the architectural designs for the FEPs these being Read more

SPA-08: 1 Day Payments Strategy, Implementation and Business Cases

One Day New Payments Business Case (s)  for Senior Executives Overview This one day course is designed for management.  It includes testing and certification.  The course covers the business and payments strategy in the areas of new payments: Card Present an EMV overview highlighting the value and next steps post Read more

SPA-09: Advance ATM Industry Workshop 1 Day

1 day Technologies and Trends Workshop for ATM Industry Stakeholders Course Overview Global trends and status of the ATM industry today What are the big-ticket changes, cashless, new operating models, mobile? What is the impact of supplier consolidation, how do the software-only companies compete with traditional manufacturers? What is the Read more

SPA-10: Mobile and NFC Payments – One Day Workshop

Course Overview This one-day workshop explores the potential of Mobile/NFC technologies.  The workshop outlines best scenarios for success. This workshop has been designed for a broad audience, including global payment industry professionals, and card/terminal and system vendors for both financial and mobile staff. You will learn the basic concept of Read more

SPA-11: EMV – The Fundamentals, Online 4-Module Workshop

Module 1:  EMV Basics (See below for details)  March 2,  2016 – 09:00am CT Module 2: EMV Certification and Personalization ( See below for details) March 9, 2016- 09:00am CT Module 3: EMV Transactions and Security ( See below for details) March 16, 2016  – 09:00am CT Module 4: NFC Read more

SPA-13: EMV Chip Training – One Day Workshop

Our EMV Chip training workshop is a one day course. This course has been especially designed to show attendees the architecture of the payment ecosystem, from magnetic stripe card systems to EMV chip cards, to contactless mobile payment environments. The terminals, including POS and ATMs are described and changes are Read more

SPA-14: What’s Chip? An Introduction to EMV

This 1/2 day introduction to EMV covers EMV based payments from compliance, standards and certification processes to successful EMV migration steps.  It is one of our most popular courses and is and especially useful starting point to understanding EMV and how it fits into the payments ecosystem.  Course Outline: Standard Read more

SPA-15: EMV for ISOs and Merchants – ONLINE

90 minute event Targets ISO & Merchants This 90 minute webinar is to educate the ISOs and Merchants on the EMV technology and how to catch up with the liability shift requirements.  We describe the EMV based payments from compliance, standards and certification processes to successful EMV migration steps.  It Read more

SPA-16: BlockChain, Tokenization, Bitcoin and New Payments Technologies

WHAT Is Blockchain, Tokenization,  Bitcoin … America's Payments Academy is pleased to bring you a new one-day Blockchain, Tokenization, Bitcoin and New Payments Technologies workshop.  Tokenization technologies as a fundamental payments system continue to grow in importance, This first of its kind workshop explores the new Bitcoin cryptocurrency and its Read more

SPA-17: Mobile, Contactless Payments Fundamentals – A 2-Day Deep Dive designed for chip, card & mobile handset manufacturers

Mobile, Contactless Payments Fundamentals – A Deep Dive designed for chip, card, terminal and mobile handset manufacturers  In this course we cover  the fundamental technologies for Mobile and contactless payments based on EMV standards.  We also include a discussion of antenna design and how to solve issues like ESD, common Read more