Leveraging Payments Tokenization into new Products and Services – Taking Control of Your Payments

 5-Day Payments Tokenization Deep-Dive

 SPA-24 – A 5-Day Payment Tokenization Deep Dive – Why a course on Payments Tokenization, and why now? Retail Payments Tokenization has been available for some time. However the current tokenization offerings and technologies are only the first generation of a very powerful payments management capability. The product and service plans of merchants, corporates, issuers and processors depend on those organizations’ understanding of how tokenization really works and how to manage its impact on their businesses.

This 5-day workshop introduces the concepts of Payments Tokenization, the viable business and use cases, who wins and who loses when payments are tokenized (hint: not what you expect),  how it really works as a business,  and how merchants, issuers and processors can use payments tokenization to increase their value propositions.

The aim of this course is to provide delegates with in-depth and actionable insights into the technology, players, rules, risks, opportunities and business impact of Payments Tokenization.

By the end of this comprehensive training program, delegates will be able to undertake in-depth analyses of tokenization in the context of their organization, enabling them to make informed decisions on the adoption and use (or not) of payments tokenization in their payment environment.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Identify the relevance of payments tokenization to the delegate’s organization
  • Describe how tokenization is accomplished within the payments ecosystem
  • Identify optional business models for tokenization services
  • Identify the products and services business potentials arising from tokenization
  • Identify current status on the adoption of tokenization
  • Conduct an initial SWOT analysis for payments tokenization
  • Describe how tokens function within the payments environment
  • Identify the leaders and controllers in payments tokenization
  • Analyze token data models and options
  • Specify required business and system processes in the context of their organization
  • Evaluate key tokenization costs and benefits for their organization
  • Identify important implementation considerations
  • to undertake the necessary go/no go decision making.

Who Should Attend:

This course is specifically designed for organizations that must make a decision as to whether or not the organization should invest or further invest in their payments tokenization capabilities. The key consideration in the design of this training program is ‘How organizations can monetize Payments Tokenization’.

  • Bank Strategic decision makers
  • Digital system architects
  • Banking services development team
  • Merchant System Operations
  • Process engineering team
  • System Network Architects
  • Product Development
  • Product Management and Marketing
  • Fraud Detection department
  • Mobile Wallet design specialists
  • IT and Technical Departments

Program Details:

This Tokenization Deep Dive workshop includes at least 4 hands on exercises by the attendees to reinforce the daily learnings.

Day 1 – Introduction

  • Why Payments Tokenization?
  • How tokenization really works
  • The business of Payments Tokenization
  • Getting to your business case

 Day 2 – The World of Tokenization

  • Stakeholder value propositions
  • A history of payments tokenization
  • Upsides, downsides, opportunities, risks
  • The winners and the losers
  • Key players and enabling technologies
  • Current and emerging use cases
  • Global adoption models, status and trends
  • Lessons learned from major implementations to date
  • Canada as an example payments marketplace
  • Market factors for cardholder buy in and trust
  • Market challenges for end user concerns

Day 3 – The Actors in Tokenization

  • The six party payments ecosystem
  • The seven stakeholders in tokenization
  • Tokenization in the payments ecosystem
  • Mobile payments tokens business models
  • Card on file payments tokens business models
  • Card present payments tokens business models
  • Taxonomy of software and services offerings
  • Software and services vendors
  • Card scheme tokenization offerings deconstructed
  • Token compliance, standards and protocols
  • Who contracts with who, for tokenization services
  • Token services fees and liability

Day 4 – The System of Tokenization

  • Token types and intelligence
  • Token functions and lifecycles
  • Next generation tokens and beyond payments
  • In house, outsource operations continuum
  • Tokenization data model
  • Security in the tokenization architecture
  • Token requesting stakeholder roles
  • Token provisioning stakeholder roles
  • Token processing stakeholder roles
  • Token requesting system processes
  • Token provisioning system processes
  • Token processing system processes

Day 5 – The Business of Tokenization

  • The global market perspective
  • Key conditions necessary for market success
  • Positioning tokenization in the market segments
  • Managing expanded payments data and logic
  • Monetizing enhanced fraud control and security
  • Enabling new products and services
  • The business case for merchants
  • For issuers
  • For processors
  • Questions to ask and decisions to make by merchants
  • By issuers
  • By processors
  • CONCLUSION: The high stakes for payments stakeholders

Students will receive a course workbook and completion certificate at the conclusion of this 5-day workshop.

SPA-24: A 5-Day – Payments Tokenization Deep-Dive workshop, is brought to you by Secure Payments Academy, in partnership with Technology Strategies International and VCS Technologies Inc.