This is a half-day high level course that provides a high level description of this complex new technology called 5G. Networks based on 5G are digital cellular networks that are the fifth generation of the technology standards being deployed worldwide.  5G promises to revolutionize the mobile networks providing much faster speeds and additional features. These would enable not only mobile handset users but I0T and Edge Computing devices to function in new ways because of the 5G technology.

Who Should Attend:

  • Product Development and Product Marketing
  • Technical Managers
  • Operations, Engineering
  • Project Managers
  • Product marketing

Workshop Outline:

The course in-person & online, covers the following topics:

  •  Introduction to 5G and its service features
  • Description of the cellular network communications standards progress ending with 5G
  • 5G’s system components are described
  • Transition from current LTE networks to 5G networks and how the 5G air interface now called New Radio works in practice
  • Description of Network Slicing and Multi Access Edge computing
  • Discussion on the way the 5G requires a new network architecture
  • Description of the operational and maintenance of the 5G network
  • Review of the key implementation techniques for an efficient and low cost network
  • The use by the IoT and Edge computing devices of the 5G network are described.