One Day Course on New Payments and Business Challenges with Fintech for Executives

Course Overview

What are the New Payment Channels? How is EMV Impacting the ROI? When do Mobile Payments become Mainstream? What can you gain by upgrading ATMs? How Can Tokenization Reduce Fraud? What is the impact of BlockChain on the Banks? Workshop

Designed for business executives, this course reviews new payment channels from the business point of view. We examine the costs associated with EMV implementation and its ROI. Mobile payment wallets are discussed and views of industry insiders are explained on the future of mobile payments. The course also looks at how the use of tokenization helps reduce fraud and add to the bottom line. This course describes the business needs behind the changes proposed for the current ATMs. The workshop also focusing on new technologies such as Blockchain and its growing popularity.

Course 7 demystifies the worlds of Blockchain and Bitcoin enabling students and their companies to better understand what it means for their businesses. The course provides a “how to” guide for leveraging these new technologies as well as strategies for incorporating them into current payments systems for the executives.

This course includes test and Certification.