WHAT Is Blockchain and Bitcoin ?

America’s Secure Payments Academy is pleased to bring you a new one-day Blockchain and Bitcoin workshop.  This first of its kind workshop explores the new Bitcoin cryptocurrency and its underlying platform – Blockchain. The workshop demystifies the worlds of Blockchain and Bitcoin enabling attendees and their companies to understand what it means for their businesses. The course provides a “how to” guide for leveraging these new technologies as well as strategies for incorporating them into current payments systems.

This is an easy-to-understand introduction into the key concepts, practical implications and opportunities that these technologies bring to financial services and other sectors includes:

  • Key characteristics of Bitcoin and Blockchain
  • How the technology works
  • Understanding the distributed ledger
  • Blockchain models and economies
  • Applications in finance and regulatory issues
  • The opportunities, challenges and constraints

The Blockchain, Blockchain Fundamentals, Demystifying the Worlds of Blockchain and Bitcoin workshop, is brought to you by Secure Payments Academy, America’s Payments Experts and led by skilled instructors with more than 3 decades of technical, systems and business case experience in payments systems and technologies.

Students will receive a course workbook and completion certificate at the conclusion of this 1 day workshop.