This extensive two-day technical fundamentals workshop takes an in depth look at EMV, Contactless NFC and Mobile Payment technologies. This highly technical workshop has been designed for IT professionals, operations managers and systems development staff. This workshop covers standards as well as implementation strategies. You will learn the EMV transaction’s flows and how it impacts the issuing and acquiring systems, while describing in detail the different stages of the transaction. The EMV standards are the platform on which contactless NFC and Mobile payments are based. You will also learn the standards for contactless NFC transactions and Mobile payment components. Examples of the Mobile payment wallets are described.

Who Should Attend:

  • Product Development and Product Marketing
  • Anybody needing a deep dive on EMV, Mobile NFC
  • Operations, Engineering
  • IT and Technical Departments
  • Developers and Manufacturers of Cards, Terminals and Payment Systems

Workshop Outline:

Day One – EMV

  •  Understand EMV Chip -with ISO 7816 explained
  •  Chip transaction formats
  •  Discuss basic terms and concepts used in EMV
  •  Understand the different approaches and standards of MasterCard, VISA, EMVCo, to EMV, Contactless and Mobile Technologies
  •  EMV Commands
  •  Benefits of EMV, including reduction in fraud, provision of multi-applications and offline risk  management
  •  Review EMV certifications and compliance requirements
  •  Review personalization of EMV cards and systems
  •  Understand EMV migration impact on issuers, acquirers, and terminal/card vendors
  •  Review ISO 8583 message formats and EMV field
  •  Discuss transaction flow for EMV – Describe the 12 stages of the EMV transaction
  •  Demonstrate using a real EMV card an EMV transaction and show each stage using emulated host
  • Explore EMV migration challenges and strategies

Day Two – EMV Contactless and Mobile Payments

  •  Understand key decisions for EMV and review best business model development
  •  EMV online and offline PIN management
  •  Describe the EMV data encryption methods
  •  Review Key Management and security aspects of EMV
  •  Contactless market overview
  •  Understand use and benefit of contactless applications
  •  Review Contactless Standards PayPass, PayWave, EMVCo Contactless
  •  Transaction flow for MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave
  •  Security aspects of contactless payment applications
  •  Online contactless transactions handling for authorization systems
  •  Review the latest mobile/NFC technologies
  •  Discuss Mobile Payment components – SE, TSM, OTA
  •  Review Card and Application Management System
  •  Review OTA and scripting
  •  Review Issuer host integration, how-to send scripts OTA
  • Describe provisioning and mobile handsets
  •  Understand PIN management, PIN usage options
  •  Payment applet – User Interface relationships, Middlet