Secure Payments Academy announce four new Payments Courses

NEW YORK, February 27, 2023 – Secure Payments Academy (SPA), the leading provider of payments industry education in the US and other countries, announced today their new courses for 2023. All these courses are available for distance learning and in-person.

The new courses include:

SPA-20: 3-Days – Payment Fundamentals, Digital Payment Frameworks and Payment Security – Overview of Payment Systems and operations with stakeholders, Payment Security for card and online fraud detection and mitigation.

SPA-21: 4-Day – Payment Fundamentals, Payment Technologies, Digital Payment Framework, Digital ID and Digital Banking – Overview of Payment Systems, digitization of payments and its efficiencies with Digital ID

SPA-22: 2-Day Payment Tokenization – a deep dive on the merits of tokenization and the infrastructure required.

SPA-23: 3-Days – Digital ID, Digital Currency, Fintech, and Neo Banks – Overview of Digital Payment World with ID at Its Core

These courses were developed with payment experts as requirements by stakeholders to educate their technology and business staff to better understand the new payment technologies.

For details of our other courses please see the course descriptions

These courses have


Secure Payments Academy Class Schedule

SPA offers a wide range of courses. These range from 90-minute introductory courses to multi-day system level, business cases, and program-oriented payments workshops for technical and non-technical professionals or those with an interest in secure payments. The SPA courses can also be provided as in-house/on-location courses.



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