Complete Card Payment Solution Captures and Routes Financial Transactions Across Traditional, Emerging e-Commerce and m-Commerce Channels

LAS VEGAS, NV, May 23, 2013 — Global payments leader TAS Group today unveiled NETAcquirer™– an innovative EMV-based payments solution that allows U.S. acquiring financial institutions and their merchant customers to capture and manage card financial transactions, quickly, safely and securely across the broadest array of payments channels on the market.  These include traditional ATMs and physical POS terminals as well as fast growing e-commerce and m-commerce payment channels, including mobile remote, QR and NFC.

Now available in the U.S.A., NET Acquirer™ seamlessly integrates these new payment channels into current U.S. acquiring environments while further optimizing transaction management capabilities.  The launch of the NET Acquirer™ platform for U.S. financial organizations is timely as the U.S. begins to migrate from magnetic stripe debit and credit cards to new secure and more robust EMV chip based credit and debit cards.  EMV is expected to save billions of dollars in card fraud and offers consumers a secure and convenient way to shop. Besides managing credit and debit card operations, NETAcquirer™ also handles loyalty, bill pay, top-up, MOTO, dynamic currency conversion, tax free, gift card / prepaid and mobile payments

“We are excited to launch NETAcquirer™ for U.S. customers,” commented Ennio Ponzetto, U.S. Country manager.  “NETAcquirer™ is a fast, scalable and cost effective solution that allow financial institutions to quickly capture and route transactions across the widest variety of sources from POS terminals installed in traditional merchants to fast emerging self-service, mobile and web based systems.”

About NETAcquirer™


NETAcquirer™ is a transactional switch combining interfacing and routing capabilities with value added services. NETAcquirer™ features:

• Acquiring from broad array of payment devices

• Chip EMV cards, magnetic stripe cards, flat memory cards, secure elements, mobile SIM cards

• Connectivity with multiple acquiring points, physical and virtual

• Rule based routing to different authorization centers

• Multiprotocol conversion, concentrating all transactions (payments and value added services) and connecting to one or more

processing systems through a single interface

• Monitoring and reporting of transactions

• Ready for

·· Branded and private label cards

·· Terminal digital signature on Terminals

·· Loyalty applications

• Short time to market for implementation of new services

• PCI DSS compliant Operations

For more product information click the link: NETAcquirer

About TAS Group

Based in Italy with U.S. headquarters in Las Vegas, NV, TAS Group is a global leader of software solutions for electronic money, payment systems and financial markets.  TAS Group serves major global commercial and central banks as well as the main Financial Services centers. TAS Group has been at the forefront of the EMV migration efforts in many countries and its flagship platforms eMissionTMand NETAcquirer™ have been implemented in many large issuing and acquiring financial institutions worldwide.  For more information, visit