New Year New Beginnings – Online courses to continue with in-person courses becoming available as COVID-19 Recedes with vaccinations

NEW YORK, December 2020/January 2021 – Secure Payments Academy (SPA), a leading provider of payments industry education wishes all its clients and staff a Happy and Healthy New Year and is grateful to everyone for their support during the tough times of 2020. While the US and other countries are starting vaccination programs for COVID-19, SPA will continue to provide all its courses online for the new year. The online courses allow those planning to get back to their offices and resume regular work to be prepared for the new payment technologies they have to tackle when they are back.

Secure Payments Academy plans to offer in-person courses as soon as the authorities allow attendance in classroom environments. It is estimated that this will be in the second half of the new year in the US and a little later in other countries.

“It is great to see the start of vaccination for COVID-19 and the end of the pandemic.”, said Mansour Karimzadeh, Secure Payments Academy CEO, “We hope that people will soon be able to get back to their workplaces. We will continue to offer our online courses, and as soon as possible we will add standard and new in-person courses.”

During the 2020 lockdowns, SPA has been working hard to develop new payment courses, covering Tokenization, 3DS2, Payment Fraud for Card Not Present and Transit Payments. They are being planned for release 2Q 2021.


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