Online courses allow training for technical staff and executives to continue despite COVID-19

NEW YORK, July 5, 2020 – Secure Payments Academy (SPA), a leading provider of payments industry education announced today that it will provide all its courses for the remainder of 2020 online. This is to enable trainees to use the time at home to train on new payment technologies and payment systems that are making the payment world enter a new era.

“In this new world of lock downs and stay at home, the payment technology is moving on and it is the right time to learn how these affect payments market.”, said Mansour Karimzadeh, CEO, “We have redesigned our courses so that they can be given online with the same information being delivered ;and having access to the presenter. We have also reduced the costs of the online courses.”

Secure Payments Academy has been using online courses since the early days of the COVID19 pandemic in March 2020. The regular 2-day courses are being presented in 4-half-days. The responses from attendees has been very positive. In fact some have indicated that they managed to get more out of the course than if they had to travel and attend an in-person course.

The reduction of costs for online courses together with not having to pay and travel to an in-person course brings additional benefits to attendees.

Secure Payments Academy Class Schedule

SPA offers a wide range of courses.  These range from 90-minute introductory courses, to multi-day system level, business cases, and program-oriented payments workshops for technical and non-technical professionals or those with an interest in secure payments. For more information visit the latest Class Schedule .


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