Karimzadeh to describe how the collection and analysis of large volume of data on behavior of IoT devices provides for better detection and the removal of security threats.

NEW YORK, February 27, 2018 – Secure Payments Academy (SPA), a leading provider of payments industry education announced today that company CEO Mansour Karimzedah will speak at the first Symposium on Securing the Internet of Things (IoT) Conference on March 7 at the Crowne Plaza in San Francisco. The event focuses on IoT Security, Blockchain, Ransomware, Internet Breaches and industry concerns around the emerging IoT and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) that impact homes and end users to critical infrastructure like power grids and water treatment facilities.  Karimzedah will cover fraud prevention employing new algorithms for Big Data Analytics as part of the Track 2 Smart Cities and Smart Cars Secure Technology session.

SPA has deep experienced in providing training, education and implementing secure payments systems.

As the world continues to become more connected with 20 billion plus IoT devices and growing the focus on security online has never been greater. Linked devices, payment authorization, user identity and authentication need a higher level of security. As hacking, phishing, DDOS and ransomware continue to increase, securing IoT is more important than ever.

“In this new world of multi-faceted devices, multi-channel connectivity and different capabilities, the security becomes a complex task”, said Mansour Karimzadeh, “We need to defend these systems by providing a layered set of security functions.”

In his talk, Karimzadeh will describe how the collection and analysis of large volume of data on behavior of IoT devices provides for better detection and the removal of security threats.

The Symposium on Securing The Internet of Things, featuring keynote speakers from the leading industry companies who are solving the issues of IoT and secure connectivity. There will also be spirited roundtable debates with industry experts, colleagues and peers. Topics covered include:

  • IoT Standards and Standardization
  • Big Data: Data Acquisition & Analytics
  • Blockchain
  • Medical Devices
  • Building a Business Model for IoT
  • Secure Payment
  • Fog Computing
  • IoT Security
  • Securing the IoT Ecosystem
  • Secure Industrial IoT
  • Connected/Smart Cities
  • Open Source IoT
  • Effect of GDPR on IoT Security
  • Securing Consumer IoT Devices
  • Featured keynote speakers include:

For details on additional conference speakers, go to: https://www.securingthenet.com/speakers

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