Secure Payments Academy Begins a Mix of Online and In-Person Courses

In-Person and Online courses helps executives and trainees to continue their education as best for everyone.


NEW YORK, February 14, 2022 – Secure Payments Academy (SPA), a leading provider of payments industry education announced today that it will provide all its courses, including the newly added workshops, in a mix of online and in-person. This allows all trainees to continue their training as its suits them personally.

Although COVID-19 has started to subside in the US, many organizations allow travel and attendance for training to their employees. However, other companies still do not permit their employees to travel. SPA has taken the initiative to offer its courses in both formats. In-person courses are generally offered in our New York headquarters, while the online courses are generally offered in multiple half-days. This allows trainees to conduct their day to day job responsibilities.

Secure Payments Academy Class Schedule

SPA offers a wide range of courses.  These range from 90-minute introductory courses, to multi-day system level, business cases, and program-oriented payments workshops for technical and non-technical professionals or those with an interest in secure payments. For more information visit the latest Class Schedule  .


SPA has provided custom courses designed for the needs of many organizations. Please contact SPA to discuss any specific course requirements.



Secure Payments Academy (SPA) is the leading provider of payments industry education in the United States and other countries. Based in New York City with offices in Atlanta and Los Angeles, SPA offers the most comprehensive collection of payments industry classes and workshops in North America and internationally. For more information or to schedule a class email [email protected]  or call +1-516-338-8880 or visit .



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