Secure Payments Academy Announces New 3-Day Fraud Workshop in London, UK

New Card-Present and Card-Not-Present Fraud Detection and Mitigation Course is delivered In-person

NEW YORK, May 25, 2022 – Secure Payments Academy (SPA), a leading provider of payments industry education in the US and other countries announced that due to removal COVID-19 of restrictions in most countries, a new course is being schedules for in-person attendees.

The new course is entitled: SPA-19: 3-Days – Payment Fraud – Card Present Fraud detection and Mitigation, Card Not Present (eCommerce) Payments and CNP Fraud types, Detection, and Mitigation  This course was developed with fraud experts as a result of large increases in online eCommerce purchases followed by huge uptick in online fraud. This three-day course includes all the content of our two-day fraud course (SPA-18) with additional topics covered including Tokenization and 3DS2. The course explains card present fraudulent activities and how they are reduced by use of EMV chips and contactless smartphones. It also covers various types of online fraud and describes different applications available in the market for combating Card Not Present fraud. Please see the course description for SPA-19 on

“This is our first in-person course given outside the US after the pandemic. We expect to see a surge of registrations for both in-person and online training in the coming months,”, said Mansour Karimzadeh, Secure Payments Academy CEO, “With the removal of COVID-19 restrictions in most countries, we are very pleased to offer our training in the US and abroad”.


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