SPA’s Expanded Curriculum for Acquirers, Card Issuers, ISOs & Agents, and Merchants Includes Post EMV, BlockChain, Mobile, HCE and Much More

NEW YORK, February 26, 2018 — Secure Payments Academy(SPA), America’s payments education experts, announced today its first half, 2018 expanded payments class schedule. SPA’s expanded class schedule now includes courses covering post EMV challenges, mobile payments, blockchain, tokenization and front end processing (FEP). The SPA curriculum now features 27 classes delivered in multiple formats, including multi-day immersion workshops, online classes and private, custom workshops. In addition, there are a number of introductory day classes for those new to payments and a number of business case workshops that address business cases and financial strategies.

Demand for payments education continues to grow at a rapid pace, especially with the proliferation of a new technologies like tokenization and blockchain. SPA has designed a curriculum that aims to help acquirers and issuers as well individual payments professionals better understand how to implement these new and complex technologies.

Secure Payments Academy’s updated payments curriculum goes beyond EMV and is designed to help all payment industry stakeholders better understand new payments systems, and how best to implement them into their current roadmaps,” commented Mansour Karimzadeh, CEO and Program Director Secure Payments Academy. We want to help remove the business uncertainty with hands on business and technical education that makes for a speedier and more effective understanding of the issues and what it takes to define a successful payments implementation plan.

The updated, first half class schedule includes sessions in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, New York, Newport Beach, Orlando, San Francisco. For more information visit SPA Class Schedule 


Secure Payments Academy (SPA) is the leading provider of payments industry education in the United States. Based in New York with offices in Atlanta and Los Angeles, SPA offers the most comprehensive collection of payments industry classes and workshops in North America. For more information or to schedule a class [email protected] or call 818-681-3588 or visit

To celebrate the new name and expansion, SPA is offering all attendees who sign up for a class before 2/28/2018 a special 25% discount good for all classes throughout 2018.



Stewart Chalmers

Executive Director & CMO


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