Weeks Versus Months Says SCIL CEO and Industry Veteran Mansour Karimzedah 

NEW YORK, NY, July 13, 2015 –U.S. based EMV payments innovator SCIL, announced today QuickStart™ EMV – an innovative payments platform that lets U.S. issuers and acquirer- processors migrate to the new, secure EMV chip based payments system in weeks rather than months.  QuickStart™ EMV is a scalable payments framework in which customers plug-in the EMV enabling modules they need when they need them.  This makes the solution especially advantageous to small, mid size banks, Credit Unions and Acquirer Processors as well as large financial institutions.

EMV chip-based credit and debit cards are slated to replace the old, less secure magnetic -stripe cards in the U.S.  The so-called Chip Card is already in widespread use throughout the rest of the world, including Asia, Western Europe, Latin America and neighbouring Canada. EMV chip based systems offer U.S. consumers a far more secure and convenient way to shop.  Card fraud in the USA continues to accelerate at a rapid rate.  In light of the recent security breaches, the move to EMV in the U.S.A. has picked up speed. Technical challenges such as agreement on a common debit network to route transactions, test and certification of new EMV terminals and cards as well as the challenges around interchange fees seem to be coming to a head as Congress and industry stakeholders demand a secure U.S. payments environment now rather than later.  The recent Target breach cost that firm a double digit dip in its stock value, $200 million in fraud and the company is now spending more than $60 million in new systems to improve security for its customers.

QuickStart™ EMV Overcomes Cost Barriers to EMV

Finding ways to implement EMV without forcing customers to alter extensively or replace legacy systems is a key benefit of the new QuickStart™ EMV platform.  Obvious ongoing U.S. macro policy, fees and general industry technology challenges aside, most payment systems today are heavily customized. Issuers and processors are reluctant to touch their legacy systems. It’s very costly, disruptive and extremely time consuming. QuickStart™ EMV overcomes these challenges. QuickStart™ EMV is a scalable payments framework where issuers and processors plug-in the EMV enabling modules they need when they need them without changing or replacing their legacy systems. QuickStart™ EMV gets its customers EMV ready quickly, and efficiently at minimal cost.  Click here for product details

“SCIL’s QuickStart™ EMV framework offers our customers all of the needed EMV security and integration features,” noted Mansour Karimzadeh, Managing Director and CTO, SCIL. “QuickStart™ EMV offers issuers and acquirer-processors a proven EMV migration path at an affordable cost.”

Karimzadeh was a founding board member of the EMV Migration Forum and played a role in establishing EMV policy, communication and education for the U.S. as it seeks to accommodate the EMV liability shift dates required by Card Brands American Express, Discover, MasterCard and VISA.   Karimzedah was involved in similar EMV migrations in the UK, Canada and the Middle East. 

About QuickStart™ EMV

SCIL’s new QuickStart™ EMV product platform sets a new standard for EMV payment services. An EMV upgrade will affect the entire payment infrastructure. The major system components for the QuickSmartTM EMV include:

  •  Data Preparation
  • Key Management
  • EMV Simulators
  • Card Production
  • Risk management
  • Card Management
  • Script Management
  • EMV Transaction Authorization

Because of its ability to provide EMV specific features by interfacing with legacy systems, the QuickStartTM EMV modules reduce time to market ramping up in weeks versus months. 


SCIL offers 24/7 global support and training and education through its sister company SCIL-EMV Academy.  SCIL acts as independent advisor to its clients by helping them navigate smoothly to an EMV infrastructure.  SCIL provides guidance in the assessment of EMV project needs and the provision of training, implementation and integration services.

About SCIL

SCIL is a payment consultancy and software solutions provider with specialist knowledge of global card and mobile payment systems, EMV infrastructure and card management systems for financial institutions and card issuers. SCIL’s system integration solutions have helped many institutions in their EMV-migration projects. Based on knowledge gained in these implementations, SCIL has close working relationships with European, Middle East and North American FIs, delivering leading edge solutions for new applications.