SCIL-EMVACADEMY Says U.S. Close on Solution to Key EMV Debit Network Challenges That Satisfies Durbin Amendment


Company Announces A Special EMV Workshop for U.S. EMV Debit Application

NEW YORK, New York, January 31, 2013 – One of the bigger and more immediate challenges facing the U.S. payment industry’s move to a successful EMV chip and pin system (known as EMV) may soon be solved says industry expert SCIL-EMV Academy.

As the U.S. payments industry migrates to the new and more secure EMV chip based credit card and debit card payment system, implementing an EMV debit transaction network that adheres to the new EMV standard, and complies with the Durbin Amendment has fast become a headache for U.S. EMV migration stakeholders and the Card Brands’ Roadmaps that are driving the transition.

SCIL-EMVAcademy says for debit networks to develop their own EMV debit application is a monumental undertaking that will add unnecessary layers of complexity and cost.  However, in the long run this may be the best option for the US Debit Networks. “The recent announcement of the SRPC on developing and managing a single US Debit Application is a strong contender”, said Mansour Katrimzadeh, Managing Director and CTO, SCIL-EMV Academy.

Based on its previous experiences, SCIL-EMVAcademy and its partners had proposed a number of other options to resolve this issue. Another option is the use of standard card scheme EMV debit applications. This is in line with the recent announcement of MasterCard that opens their EMV application for use in debit networks.

“That MasterCard has decided to provide a foundation that allows issuers to use MasterCard’s debit application is a breakthrough for the industry and merits further study,” noted Mansour Karimzedah.

“We applaud both proposed plans,” added Karimzedah.  “However, while these solutions pave the way to solve a major problem with the way the debit networks and acquirers decide to operate, there are still a number of issues that need to be resolved before a robust and long lasting EMV solution can be implemented.

SCIL-EMVAcademy will host an EMV workshop called Debit Networks – EMV Acquiring and Processing”.  The workshop takes place on February 26, 2013 in San Francisco.

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