Rich Technical and Business Case Content Supports U.S. Issuers, Acquirer-Processors Migration Requirements

NEW YORK, April 23, 2014, — SCIL-EMV Academy, America’s EMV migration experts, announced today a new collection of EMV Training Workshops designed to help speed the U.S. banking and payments industry’s migration to EMV chip based credit and debit cards.  EMV chip cards transactions are substantially more secure than older magnetics stripe based cards.

The new workshops offer rich technical and business case content,” said Mansour Karimzedah, Managing Director, SCIL USA.  “New content includes a typical EMV Project Implementation Plan” module, which provides issuers, acquirer-processors with a detailed review of the technical and business requirements for upgrading to an EMV payments system within weeks versus months.”

“Card fraud in the U.S. is at an all time high.  The recent Target and Michaels security breaches underscore the need for a better way to protect consumers’ card transactions and their personal information,” said Stewart Chalmers, Company Spokesman.  “It’s time for issuers, acquirer, processors and merchants to move things forward to meet the deadlines.”

The EMV Migration Roadmap deadlines announced more than 2 years ago by American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA are fast approaching and failure to meet these dates shifts liability to the stakeholder who has not upgraded to EMV,” noted Karimzadeh.  “Despite the looming deadlines, there still is a high degree of business uncertainty and work to be done by U.S. stakeholders and that all starts with education, training and strategy development. Our new workshops are designed to provide the attendees with an accelerated approach to implementing EMV.”

The updated schedules include stops in Chicago, Delaware, New York, and Atlanta.  For more information click HERE

EMV – The Benefits:  Reduction in Fraud: 

  • A review of fraud in the US
  • Effects on Fraud in other regions
  • Additional quantifiable benefits including PCI, chargeback reduction and other tangible benefits
  • Innovation and the intangible benefits

EMV – The Costs:

  • Cards and Terminals
  • Systems Costs
  • Other Costs including operations, training, marketing etc
  • Liability Shift

EMV – The Rollout & Typical Project Plan

  • How rollout strategies impact the business case
  • Results – The Business Case for the US Market
  • The Industry View
  • Case Studies for Likely Scenarios

EMV Technical

  • Standard Payment Systems Model
  • International Payment Brands
  • Existing Magnetic Stripe Technologies Vs. EMV.
  • EMV Technology, Standards and Certification Overview
  • EMV Data Preparation and Card Production
  • EMV Transactions, Cryptograms, Processing, Scripts
  • EMV Market Overview
  • EMV Impacts on Payment Systems Components.
  • Chip Technology Opportunities for other Apps.
  • Discuss Business Plans for EMV Implementation
  • Discuss EMV Migration Strategies
  • Market dynamics, convergence of EMV, NFC and Mobile Payments driving migration in the USA.

About SCIL-EMV Academy

SCIL is a payments consultancy, software solutions provider and system integrator with specialist expertise in EMV Payment systems. SCIL delivers solutions based on its own and its partners’ products to address all aspects of EMV migration, card lifecycle management, EMV payments and project management services. SCIL’s team is made up of highly skilled payment specialists with extensive hands-on knowledge of EMV, retail payments, transaction acquiring and processing. Headquartered in New York City with offices in Los Angeles, California and Toronto, Canada, SCIL and SCIL-EMV Academy’s private and public EMV Training workshops have become enabling tools for U.S. acquirers, issuers and processors as they address their respective EMV migration roadmaps. To learn more or schedule and customize a workshop, visit or contact [email protected]