EMV Workshop Addresses Concerns Around Use of Debit Networks in the USA, Including New Federal Regulations and Choices of Routing

New York, New York — February 14, 2013 SCIL-EMV Academy, America’s EMV Migration experts, announced today a new EMV workshop entitled Debit Networks – EMV Acquiring and Processing.  The new one-day workshop is scheduled to take place March 11 in Chicago, Illinois from 9 am to 5 pm CST.  The workshop tackles U.S. EMV migration concerns around the use of debit networks in the USA, including new Federal Regulations and choices of routing.

As the U.S. payments industry migrates to the new and more secure EMV chip based credit card and debit card payment systems, upgrading a debit network to process EMV transactions that adhere to the new EMV standards, and complies with the Durbin Amendment has fast become a headache for U.S. EMV migration stakeholders and the Card Brands’ Roadmaps that are driving the transition.

This workshop helps the attendees understand the issues concerning the use of debit networks in the United States, especially in the light of the new federal regulations for debit transactions and choice of routings. The workshop includes an explanation of EMV debit application implementation on a card and its effects on a debit network, especially on how the routing can be done. The workshop also includes available options for choosing an EMV debit application for the debit chip card.

 Attendees will learn:

  • Standard payment systems model
  • Existing magnetic stripe technologies Vs EMV cards
  • EMV impact on payment systems components.
  • EMV impact of debit networks.EMV debit application options for debit networks, including         a common AID for debit payments.
  • Discuss project planning for EMV implementation
  • Discuss EMV migration strategies

To register visit https://securepaymentsacademy.com/emv-training/workshop-schedule/ and click the debit network workshop.

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