Designed for Merchants, Acquirers and Issuers, Workshop Outlines Strategies for Success in U.S. EMV and Mobile Markets

NEW YORK, New York, May 29, 2013 — The Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) and SCIL-EMV Academy announced today a comprehensive two-day payments workshop that covers the business and technical fundamentals of implementing EMV, Mobile and NFC payment systems in the US.  EMV, Mobile & NFC – The Fundamentals will take place July 16 and 17, 2013 in Washington D.C.   To register click EMV, Mobile & NFC – The Fundamentals.

ETA and SCIL-EMV Academy’s two-day workshop addresses the critical business and technology challenges and key implementation strategies for EMV, Mobile and NFC in the USA.  It provides attendees with a thorough understanding of what is needed to achieve success in the USA.

“Training and education is key to fully maximizing the benefits of EMV and mobile payments systems in the U.S. market,” noted Jason Oxman, Chief Executive Officer, ETA.   “The EMV, Mobile & NFC workshop is designed to prepare and support both managers and their staffs to take advantage of new opportunities in the fast evolving EMV and mobile  payments markets.”

“EMV migration affects all stakeholders in the payment eco-system”, said Mansour A. Karimzadeh, Managing Director and CTO of SCIL-EMV Academy, “For a cost effective and on-time delivery of EMV migration projects, understanding what is involved is key to success.”

Who Should Attend?

Developed for merchants, acquirers, and issuers, the workshop is suitable for executives, developers, systems and operational staff alike.

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About SCIL-EMV Academy

SCIL-EMV Academy, America’s EMV migration experts, is an EMV training, education and payments consultancy focused on contact, contactless and mobile NFC markets, with expertise in technology, EMV credit/debit smart card solutions, payment transaction processing systems, and mobile payments and enterprise security, addressing the payments, healthcare and transportation markets.  The Academy also provides access to the latest EMV products and technologies through its preferred partner network. The Academy is headquartered in New York City with offices in Los Angeles, California and Toronto, Canada.  To learn more or schedule and customize a workshop, visit or contact [email protected].