EMV Application Offers Issuing Banks, Card Manufacturers and Processors Speedy and Secure Profile definition, Data Preparation and Personalization of U.S. EMV Cards 

LAS VEGAS, NV. March 25, 2013 – TAS Group announced today eMissionTM – a fast and secure new EMV data preparation and card personalization solution designed to speed the transition to EMV chip based credit, debit and prepaid cards in the USA.  TAS Group is a global leader of software solutions for electronic money, payment systems and financial markets.

As U.S. card issuers ramp up to start the issuance of EMV chip based credit and debit cards, there is a need for specialized software that can collect different data streams and prepare a final data file for personalization of the new EMV cards.

The eMissionTM platform allows customers definition and adaptation of profiles providing full life cycle management of security keys and certificates in order to personalize EMV chip cards supporting diverse applications (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and their contactless versions Paywave, Paypass, ExpressPay, Discover will be supported as well in Q2). The main application provided on the smartcard is the debit/pre-paid/credit payment application in compliance with EMV standards. Additional applications are supported like CAP (Chip Authentication Program), DPA (Dynamic Passcode Authentication), Digital Signature, Presence & Access Control, Loyalty Application, etc.

“We are very excited about the US EMV market”, said Ennio Ponzetto, TAS Group US country Manager, “The US EMV market is in its infancy and we believe that with the eMisisonTM platform we can help push forward the migration to EMV in a seamless manner”.

About eMission™

eMissionTM offers a wide range of products aimed at the preparation process of personalization for EMV cards, from stand-alone solutions that perform virtually all tasks required to specific modules for mainframe solutions that adapt to the operating host of each entity.

“The eMisisonTM platform has been proven in many major EMV markets around the world with much success”, said Olivier Sery, Head of the EMV Competence Centre of TAS Group,   “The implementation requirements of eMissionTM are well defined and tested, requiring minimum amount of time and effort to implement in issuer and bureaus environments”.

EMV e-mission™ for the U.S. is available through TAS Group resellers immediately.

About TAS Group

Headquartered in Italy, TAS Group is a global leader of software solutions for electronic money, payment systems and financial markets.  TAS Group serves major commercial/central banks and the main Financial Services centers worldwide.  TAS Group has been in the forefront of the EMV migration efforts in many countries and its flagship platform eMissionTM has been implemented in many large issuing banks worldwide.  For more information, visit www.tasgroup.eu.