You can always tell when an industry is maturing because experts start to build training facilities and courses to educate the rest of us on particular subjects. EMV and NFC are coming of age and experts are starting to emerge. One example of this can be found in the New EMV Training Academy that has opened up its doors to support professionals in the United States and Canada. The aim of the EMV Academy is to educate and enable banking personnel and payment industries to tackle migration and enable solutions that are more secure.

“Twelve years ago, customers and partners collaborated to pioneer EMV in Europe creating a framework for a new wave of innovative payment technologies,” noted Stewart Chalmers, EMV Academy’s Executive Director. “One simple principle sits at the core of our training curriculum – helping our clients succeed.”

“Given Visa’s recent announcement laying out a specific timeframe for EMV migration, it became obvious to EMV Academy, its founders and technology partners that our EMV training roadmap and roll out must be accelerated to support the industry’s migration,” Gregg Smith, EMV Academy’s Co-Founder.

The EMV Academy provides a wide range of training EMV & NFC courses, test tools and consultancy services

The EMV Academy aims to help students tackle the industries increasing trend to contactless and NFC payments. Courses offered include:

  • Introduction to EMV
  • EMV, For Banking Executives
  • EMV For Journalists
  • Mobile/NFC
  • Contactless
  • Card Payments Instant Card Issuance
  • Chip Training 1 & 2 day versions
  • 3-Day EMV, Contactless & NFC Mobile Fundamentals
  • Group & Custom Classes on request

Mobile/NFC Solutions and Training

NFC payments are obviously of interest to NFC Rumors readers and the EMV Academy have specific NFC courses covering most major segments of the NFC payments industry. “Mobile/NFC based payments have become a hot topic in North America. The EMV Academy, through its technology and licensing partnerships offers extensive, hands on training programs. Mobile/NFC training courses continue to grow at a rapid rate, as the industry seeks ways to quickly leverage and commercialize mobile NFC based payment solutions. For instance, through its SmartSoft™ TSM Platform for NFC enabled mobile devices, the EMV Academy offers training and services to issuer institutions that want to manage their applications on these devices without being influenced by the complexity of the services’ backgrounds.”

The EMV Academy, offers a broad range of mobile/NFC payment training and solutions, including:

  • Micro SD, SIM and ADDOn based mobile payments
  • Midlet applications
  • Trusted Service Manager (TSM) development

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