Overview of Payment Systems and operations with stakeholders, Payment Security for card and online fraud detection and mitigation

America’s leading payment experts  Secure Payments Academy is pleased to bring you a new three –day course Payment Fundamentals, Digital Payment Frameworks and Payment Security.

This training program examines the history of payments history, culminating in the current models used internationally. We analyze the different parties in a payment eco system and review the current payment technology platforms We also examine the creation, securitization and processing of payment transactions, some of the new technologies and channels becoming available for payments systems and project implementation for systems management tasks.

During the program we will focus on the dynamic digital transactions-based platforms and payment technologies that are being deployed in the market today, such as EMV, contactless and Mobile Payments. We will also delve into emerging developments such as tokenization, 3D-Secure and blockchain.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Describe the main features of different payment system types
  • Evaluate payment system domains, settlement and risk
  • Analyze digital payments and advantages provided by EMV
  • Explain how blockchain works and describe its essential features
  • Analyze different fraud types
  • Evaluate different fraud mitigation techniques for CNP environments

Who should Attend:

  • People new to the field of payments processing
  • Payment Systems Operations and Engineering
  • Fraud Analysts
  • Risk Assessors
  • Product Development and Product Marketing
  • Vendors of CNP fraud detection Systems
  • Banking services development team
  • Process engineering team
  • System Network Operators
  • IT Operations

Program Details:

In delivering these training programs we aim for an immersive experience in which delegates can apply the information and skills gained during the course in their organizational contexts. The workshop program includes at least four hands-on exercises each day to provide delegates with the opportunity to reinforce their learnings and ensure that the learning outcomes are achieved.

Students will receive a course workbook and completion certificate at the conclusion of this 3-day program.

Day 1 – Payment System Overview

  • Payment System Overview
  • History of Payment types
  • Parties in a Payment Transaction
  • Payment System Models
  • Types of Payment Systems
  • Payment System Functions
  • Payment Domains
  • Payment System Settlement
  • Ownership and Regulations
  • Risk Management
  • Cross Border Payments
  • Introduction to fraud and security techniques
  • Credentials and EMV cards and their security methods

Day 2 – Digital Payments

  • Digital Payment Frameworks
  • Detailed EMV Payments Systems Operations
  • Mobile and Contactless Payments
  • Payment Platforms, Back-end operations Project Management
  • Introduction to Blockchain and Bitcoin Technologies
  • Online Fraud and security techniques
  • Types of Fraud in payments, Security technologies, Layered approach to combat different types of fraud
  • Introduction to EMV Tokenization
  • ATM Technologies of the future
  • Compliance

Day 3 – Payment Fraud

  • Detailed Payment Fraud Types
  • Review of fraud mitigation techniques
  • New Payment channels – in US Zelle, PayPal etc.
  • EMV Tokenization to overcome specific fraud types
  • EMV 3D-Secure to secure online transactions
  • EMV Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) platform for all online payment transactions security
  • Review of the training

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For more information about our upcoming schedule, visit the Workshop Schedule.