New U.S. Training Organization Committed to Supporting U.S. and Canadian Banking Migration to EMV Based Chip and Pin Card Payments

PASADENA, Calif., August 24, 2011 – A new U.S. based EMV Training Academy committed to supporting the U.S. and Canadian banking and payment industries migration to more secure, effective and convenient EMV chip and pin technologies was announced today. Led by a group of veteran payment industry professionals and key strategic technology partners, EMV Training Academy offers a broad range of EMV training courses, test tools and consultancy services to banks, credit unions, acquirers, issuers, card manufacturers and others, covering the North American contact, contactless and NFC mobile payment systems markets.

The transition to an EMV chip and pin infrastructure in Canada and the USA will help stem growing bank fraud currently estimated in the tens of billions of dollars. Through the advent of new contactless and mobile technologies, it also provides an opportunity for banks, credit unions and other financial organizations to market a broader and more secure suite of products to consumers and businesses, creating new market opportunities in the process. EMV•Academy supports banks and others in making the transition from less secure magnetic stripe debit and credit cards to new EMV chip and pin cards seamless.

“Given Visa’s recent announcement laying out a specific roadmap for EMV migration, it became obvious to EMV•Academy, Inc, its founders and its technology partners that our combined EMV training roadmap and roll out must be accelerated to support the industry’s migration,” stated Gregg Smith, Co-Founder.

The Academy provides a broad range of training courses, test tools and consultancy services. U.S. and Canadian training courses include:

  • Introduction to EMV
  • EMV For Journalists
  • Mobile/NFC
  • Contactless
  • Card Payments Instant Card Issuance
  • Chip Training 1 & 2 day versions
  • 3-Day EMV, Contactless & NFC Mobile Fundamentals
  • EMV, C-Level Banker
  • Group & Custom Classes on request


EMV Academy services, and strategic partners products and training are developed in compliance with International Card Specifications EMVCo, VISA, MasterCard, EPCA and MULTOS. The EMVAcademy’s experienced instructors and its strategic technology partners have more than a decade of EMV payment industry training and expertise.

Group and Custom Classes:

Customized group training is conducted onsite at your company or organization.


EMV Academy instructors and partners have developed and implemented more than 100 EMV training programs worldwide. At its core, the EMV Training Academy curriculum advances a more secure and seamless banking, and payment ecosystem.

“12 years ago, customers and partners collaborated to pioneer EMV in Europe creating a framework for a new wave of innovative payment technologies,” noted Stewart Chalmers, EMV Academy Executive Director. “One simple principle sits at the core of our training curriculum – helping our clients succeed.”

About the EMV•Academy

EMVAcademy, Inc. is a U.S. based EMV training organization headquartered in Pasadena, California with instructors and technology partners throughout North America. The Academy and it staff of experienced EMV instructors provide state-of-the art, up to the minute EMV training, compliance, documentation and knowledge across the contact, contactless and mobile NFC payment markets in the U.S. and Canada.  Besides its training courses, the EMVAcademy provides training on the latest product demonstrations, and access to a broad array of EMV test tools. To learn more or schedule a class, visit or contact [email protected].