CreditCall’s EMV Level 2 Kernel Products to Feature in EMV Academy Curriculum

Los Angeles, Calif, July 16, 2012 – CreditCall, a leading provider of EMV software and payment processing solutions for contact, contactless and MOBILE payments applications announced today that it has joined the EMV Academy.  EMV Academy is a U.S. based EMV training and consultancy organization.  It is committed to facilitating the migration to EMV chip based payment systems in the United States.  EMV Academy will now feature CreditCall’s EMV Level 2 Kernel products in all EMV Academy workshops.

The USA is the last of the G20 nations to adopt the new EMV chip payment standard.  EMV reduces card fraud, and provides a more secure and rewarding shopping experience for U.S. consumers. VISA and MasterCard announced industry roadmaps last year requiring EMV compliance beginning in 2013.

EMV training,, coupled with access to a proven suite of EMV technologies, is key to a successful migration in the United States.  CreditCall’s EMV Level 2 Kernel products help card reader manufacturers and terminal integrators to quickly become EMV compliant.  It has more than 100 certified Kernels to its name with more than 1 million Kernels deployed worldwide during the past decade.  Since setting up its U.S. headquarters in New York City in 2005, the company has quickly grown its footprint in the EMV arena as well as the fast growing unattended payments market, which is sweeping across the USA.  This includes the expansion of kiosks, parking, ticketing, vending and other unattended payment systems. In addition, CreditCall recently launched its mobile payments solution CardEase Mobile in the UK, a payment app which works in conjunction with a mobile card reader.  The new Chip and PIN based mobile payment technology offers firms a speedy, secure, and cost effective way to complete financial transactions via smartphones and tablets, boosting cash flow for business both large and small.

“CreditCall is an innovator in the world of EMV based payments and is quickly proving to be a great asset to the U.S. payments industry as it transitions to EMV,” commented Stewart Chalmers, Executive Director, EMV Academy.  “The addition of CreditCall to the EMV Academy fits perfectly with the Academy’s goal to provide U.S. acquirers, issuers, merchants and others with the training and education they need to make the EMV migration seamless.  Providing access to the best EMV technology is one key component to achieving that goal.”

Jeremy Gumbley, CTO at CreditCall, stated: “With more than a decade of EMV migration experience in the UK, Russia, South America and Asia we are confident our expertise can contribute to the smooth and efficient move to EMV in America. The EMV Academy is the obvious partner to help drive the change through training, education and technology.”

About EMV Academy

EMV Academy, America’s EMV migration experts, is a U.S. based EMV training and technical consultancy organization headquartered in Los Angeles, California.  EMV Academy provides EMV training, EMV migration, compliance, documentation and knowledge across the contact, contactless and mobile NFC payment markets. Through its preferred partner network, EMV Academy offers access to the latest EMV products and technologies.  To learn more or schedule and customize a workshop, visit or contact [email protected].

About CreditCall

Since 1997, CreditCall is a specialist payment services provider and payment gateway with a global footprint covering both Europe and North America. The company is best known for its innovative and reliable card payment solutions covering retail, e-commerce, mail order, call centers and unattended payment terminals such as parking machines, ticketing machines and self-service kiosks. For over a decade, CreditCall has also been developing Chip based EMV Level 2 Kernel software, which is used globally in contact and contactless environments such ATMs and contactless readers. CreditCall is headquartered in the UK with an office in the U.S.