A Deep Dive into Payments Tokenization: Sep 18-22 2023
Leveraging, Productizing and Monetizing Tokens



SPA-24- New York: September 18 – 22, 2023


Payments tokenization will have a high impact on product opportunities for merchants, corporates, issuers and processors

Payments tokenization can add significant value to your business, OR it can disintermediate you from your customers. Which will it be?

This 5 day deep dive into tokenization provides:

  • a business oriented introduction to tokenization
  • a monetization road map for new products and service offerings

The 5-day deep dive training program is designed to support decision-making by merchants, corporates, issuers and processors on two key questions:

  • Does payments tokenization warrant serious consideration by the organization?
  • Should the organization invest significant resources in a tokenization capability?

By the end of this comprehensive training program, delegates will be able to undertake in-depth analyses of tokenization in the context of their organization, enabling them to make informed decisions on the adoption, use (or not) and implementation of payments tokenization in their payment environment.

Key learning outcomes:

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Identify the relevance of payments tokenization to their organization
  • Define the true business drivers behind payments tokenization
  • Map how tokenization services fit within the payments ecosystem
  • Evaluate the market readiness for the adoption of payments tokenization services
  • Identify the key players in the tokenization ecosystem
  • Define a business case and SWOT analysis for their organization
  • Specify core business processes, system processes and organizational responsibilities in the context of their organization
  • Define the legal implications of tokenization
  • Identify new tokenization business applications for their organization
  • Enumerate tokenization market potential
  • Evaluate the costs, benefits and business cases for tokenization
  • Identify important implementation considerations
  • Undertake go/no go decision making

Who Should Attend?

The training program is aimed at payment industry executives and senior managers from issuers, merchants, processors, payment networks, fintechs, and payments technology vendors, and is specifically designed for organizations that must make a decision as to whether they should invest or further invest in their payments tokenization capabilities.



Program Facilitators

Our comprehensive tokenization training program is brought to you by the Secure Payments Academy, in partnership with Technology Strategies International Inc. and VCS Technologies Inc.

Our expert trainers have developed this training program based on their extensive collective experience derived from the field working with acquirers, issuers, merchants, payment networks and fintechs from around the world.

Program Options

This 5-day training program is also offered as two consecutive training programs; SPA-24A  2-day business focused course and SPA-24B  3-day product/service/monetization course.

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Customized/In-house Training

Interested in customized or in-house payments training programs? Please contact us at [email protected]