EMV Academy Becomes Secure Payments Academy

Expanded Curriculum for Acquirers and Issuers Includes BlockChain, Post EMV, BitCoin, Mobile and More

NEW YORK, February 26, 2018 – Leading payments industry educator EMV Academy announced today that it has become Secure Payments Academy (SPA). The change reflects the company’s new and expanded payments education curriculum, management team and new flagship training center in New York. The change is designed to meet the growing demand for specialized technical and strategic payments training and education beyond EMV chip and pin based systems.  Secure Payments Academy (SPA) now offers a comprehensive course curriculum with courses and hands on workshops covering post-EMV, mobile payments, Blockchain, IoT security, tokenization, HCE and much more. For the class schedule visit securepaymentsacademy.com/class

In 2012, EMV Academy was formed to help facilitate the U.S. payments industry’s migration to EMV chip based credit and debit cards from the less secure magnetic stripe based cards. Magnetic strip cards had dominated the U.S. payments landscape for more than 25 years. To improve security, card brands mandated that all merchants and issuers move to the more secure chip-based systems by October 2015 or face a liability shift, which shifted responsibility for card fraud to the non-compliant stakeholders. Five years later the U.S. EMV migration is accelerating.  Similarly demand for other secure payments systems is at an all-time high.  Businesses and consumers are interested in how new payments technologies like mobile payments, NFC payments,  tokenization, mobile wallets and blockchain  can help them stay secure and make business commerce, and shopping more convenient.  As a result interest in the Secure Payments Academy’s non-EMV based curriculum has grown significantly prompting the change.

“The change to Secure Payments Academy reflects the industry’s need and focus to explore and implement a broader array of payments technologies,” noted Mansour Aaron Karimzedah, CEO, and Program Director, Secure Payments Academy. “The industry is growing at a rapid rate with the commercialization of new payments technologies coming along.  This places a great need on ensuring the skill sets are there to facilitate these innovations and that’s where the Academy helps businesses and individuals to succeed.”

“We have strengthened our curriculum, expanding the number of courses both online and in person.  We also have added new veteran management team members with deep experience on the acquiring and issuing side of the payments equation,” noted Stewart Chalmers, Executive Director and CMO. “And the opening of our new flagship training center means we can offer more to our customers here in the USA and overseas.”

Secure Payments Academy (SPA) Class Schedule

SPA offers a wide range of courses both in class and online.  These range from 90-minute introductory courses, to multi-day system level, business cases, and program-oriented payments workshops for technical and non-technical professionals or those with an interest in secure payments. For more information, Class Schedule


Secure Payments Academy (SPA) is the leading provider of payments industry education in the United States. Based in New York with offices in Atlanta and Los Angeles, SPA offers the most comprehensive collection of payments industry classes and workshops in North America. For more information or to schedule a class stew@emvacademy.com or call 818-681-3588 or visit securepaymentsacademy.com

To celebrate the new name and SPA’s expansion, SPA’s is offering all attendees who sign up for a class before 2/28/2018 a special 25% discount good for all classes throughout 2018.